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Since 1997



In 1997,  Mr Vasileios Kouloukidis Vasilis  - Biomedical Engineer -  after 5 years

of experience as Product Manager in a large medical company,

supplying ENT doctors and clinics with ENT products,

establishes a personal company, named  EPSILON Medical Technology.


By maintaining good relations with both foreign and domestic suppliers,

EPSILON is supporting the needs of ENT doctors already for 15 years 

with a range of quality products, as well as counseling

in everyday Medical Practice and Operation Room.


Furthermore, since 2005 develops a business activity

which is meant to meet demanding and particular needs of

Hearing Aids fittings.


In January 2014 Epsilon opens a Hearing Aids fitting center in the Island of Kos,

while in June 2016 starts operate new shop, located in one of

the most expensive shopping areas,

in the "heart" of Athens - Kapsali 7, Kolonaki


The expertise and the personal engagement with the needs

and concerns of our customers, turns the words “sense of confidence”

 the main feature of  EPSILON.

 " We thank all Customers and Business Partners
 as they are those that contributed significantly to the realization of this sense "